Warm welcome for Churchill bear

It was a warm Winnipeg welcome for a bear who made the journey from Churchill.

Saturday was the first chance for zoo goers to meet Storm, one of Winnipeg’s newest polar bears.

The 200 pound, 3-year-old cub was flown in from Churchill in early October.

Storm is living in the International Polar Bear conservation centre at the zoo, in an enclosure next to Hudson, the first Polar Bear to be rescued by the Assiniboine Park Zoo.

Zoo officials say he’s doing well in his new surroundings.

Storm and Hudson got to meet face to face for the first time earlier this week.

Visitors say they’re excited to see the two bears grow up here.

“I was just really excited to bring our son out today to see Hudson and Storm. He loves coming to see the polar bears at the zoo,” said one zoo goer.

“It would be horrible to see them just die in the wild when we can learn so much from having him here and get the kids interested,” said another.

Hudson and Storm will get to know each other gradually over the next few weeks, while zoo officials keep a watchful eye on how they interact with one another.

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Global News Winnipeg: Warm welcome for Churchill bear

Warm welcome for Churchill bear