Forecasters say latest flood outlook is positive

WINNIPEG- Despite massive amounts of snow still on the ground, flood forecasters expect high water will not be a significant issue in southern Manitoba this spring.

The second flood outlook of the season predicts a normal levels.

“We may or may not operate the floodway and if the Portage Diversion is used it will be in limited operation,” said Steve Ashton, the minister of infrastructure and transportation.

Ashton expects only a 10 per cent chance that the floodway will have to be used.

Thicker than normal ice may be a factor however.

“Ice jam related flooding is certainly something we would be looking for,” said Ashton.

Forecasters said Monday, the greatest flood concern is in The Pas where above normal soil moisture and significant snow means there is the potential for localized flooding.

Forecasters say snow expected in the next few days has been factored in to the outlook however forecasters are still watching the system closely.

Depending on how quickly the thaw happens, overland flooding could still occur in Winnipeg and other parts of southern Manitoba.

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Global News Winnipeg: Forecasters say latest flood outlook is positive

Forecasters say latest flood outlook is positive