City to hike taxes, spend on roads

Homeowners will be reaching into their pockets again next year to support a 2.95 percent city-wide property tax increase.

Officials say one percent will go towards Winnipeg’s local street renewal program, another one percent to establish a new regional street renewal reserve, and .95 percent to cover inflation costs.

“A main priority is repairing and maintaining city streets,” said Winnipeg mayor Sam Katz. ”Why are we doing this? Our roads are in a crisis situation.”

The city expects to spend 25 million dollars more in 2014, than it did in 2013.

The proposed budget was released Friday.

The city says the property tax increase amounts to just $45 more on a home assessed at $262,780. But it still means Winnipeggers have seen their property tax increase by 6.82 percent over the last two years.

Property taxes make up almost half of the $967,765,686 revenue expected to flow into city coffers next year.

Forty-four percent of Winnipeg’s expenditures are paid to the Police and Fire Paramedic services.

The Provincial Government’s one percent increase to the PST is also costing the city another one million, per year.


It will cost Winnipeggers more to be buried next year, with the average burial increasing by approximately $200, and cremations by $25. …read more

Global News Winnipeg: City to hike taxes, spend on roads

City to hike taxes, spend on roads