A very Canadian Black Friday in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG – Black Friday is becoming a part of Canada’s shopping culture.

What began as an American Thanksgiving holiday shopping spree is now a retail rush here.

But while shoppers at a Puerto Rico Walmart pushed and shoved their way into the store, Winnipeggers acted, let’s say, very Canadian.

Once stores opened at 6 am at Polo Park, one by one, shoppers walked in calmly.

“To be honest I was expecting more people,” said one shopper who was surprised by the short line-ups at the mall.

“I’ve done Boxing Day before and it’s just too crazy, it’s not crazy quiet yet,” said another shopper.

“Not everyone is off today which is part of the issue as opposed to the states,” said Lyle Hrushowy with Future Shop on St. James Street.

Some retailers say Black Friday here hasn’t lived up to the hype.

“It’s comparable to a Saturday,” said Gord Gasper with Michael Hill at Polo Park, “maybe not quiet as busy as it was last year.”

Still lots of parking available when the stores opened, but that all changed in a matter of hours as more people came looking for bargains.

“There’s flat screens on sale, there’s tablets on sale, blu-rays on sale, DVD’s are like $2.50,” said Jamie Brandoline, …read more

Global News Winnipeg: A very Canadian Black Friday in Winnipeg

A very Canadian Black Friday in Winnipeg